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4 Occasions Where Custom Water Bottle Labels Are Required

When you attend events conducted on a large scale, you must have noticed a lot of subtle marketing tools used by them to promote their brand and keep it in people’s minds. Whether you attend a formal corporate event or wedding the presence of some kind of beverage is mandatory, and their strategic placement can be a great marketing tool. If not a soft drink, water is a must-have at all events.

Companies use bottled water with a Custom Label as a tool to promote their brand. The custom label can range from the company logo, QR code, or any message the company wants to be printed on it. In the case of non-corporate events such as weddings, it could be used to display the name of the to-be married couple or any hashtag they want to be displayed on their custom labels.

Let us look at some of the occasions where custom-labeled water would be beneficial

Corporate events

Whether you are launching a new product or a business line or just presenting yourself at an event, having custom-labeled bottled water is a smart way to make an impression on your listeners and stand out during the presentation. Placing your branded water on tables, where they can reach them easily is an intelligent way to ensure that people won’t forget about your brand for a long time. It’s a subtle yet very effective way to market yourself, especially if you’re launching a new product. It will help you drive the message home.

Fundraising events

A fundraising drive is an event where the presence of bottled water with custom labels should be necessary. Placing a QR code on the bottled water is a great way for people to gather additional information or scan to donate money.  You can also place a quote or a thank you message for the guests that could be printed on the water bottle to make it more personalized for the event. It will also make the guests feel appreciated.

Conferences or Job Fairs (needs rewording)

Handing out custom bottled water at a large conference or public event is a great way to gain exposure for your business.  Attendees get thirsty and come to your booth for water when you hand out bottled water to attendees with your logo on it they walk around the exhibit hall with your branded water.


The day you get married is one of the most important days in your life. The couple wants to celebrate the biggest day of their life with all their loved ones present by their side. The attendees are made to sit in a way that they can enjoy their meal and the party. Water is one of those beverages which need to be placed at all the tables for the guests to drink and to take home after the reception. A great way to save the memory of the event is to customize the bottles with the names of the newlyweds. It is an easy yet beautiful addition to the wedding theme. And what makes it even better is that not many people think of this idea which makes it even more unique.


Using custom-labeled bottled water is an excellent way to promote a message or a brand. It can go a long way in building a positive reputation for your brand. However, to get custom-labeled bottled water you should only trust reliable bottled water manufacturers to undertake and complete the process successfully.

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