About Us

When it comes to marketing your brand, our custom bottled water can help you in reaching your target audience as well as promote your company’s brand. The traditional forms of business advertising are intrusive, but our custom-labeled water bottles will put your brand on something every person needs and wants. Bottle Your Brand, with more than 30 years of experience in the global bottled water industry, is helping business owners to market their businesses in an effective way. We take pride in being a leading and trusted provider that provides clients with superior quality and premium customizable water bottle labels and customized bottled water that can function like a walking advertisement for your company. We use high-quality material on the labels, which are 100% waterproof and durable even in the most extreme weather conditions.
bottled water with custom label
branded bottled water

You Can Trust Us

Enjoy the Best Custom Label Water With Bottle Your Brand

Proudly bottled and shipped to businesses, trade shows, hotels and more nationwide.
We offer two sizes water bottles, i.e., 16.9 oz and 12oz, with premium purified water. Sturdy construction and modern styles water bottles at affordable prices.
Get BPA-free and durable bottles with superior quality waterproof custom labels. Customize the design in the way you want.
We use the latest water filtration technology to offer you safe drinking water. We care for your health.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Have a look at the statements given by our valued clients to know more about our service quality.

Well, we put our custom-labeled bottled water in the car’s cup holder. Our brand message ends up all over town with our customer's endorsement. We find it much better than a business card.


The labels designed and created by Bottle Your Brand LLC are waterproof, and they last for a long time. The creative work done by the team was just awesome. We are fully satisfied with their services.


We find out that more than 30 percent of our water gets into the client’s homes and offices. This is a perfect way to make more profit and promote our brand. Thanks for such an amazing solution.